The Law Firm of Lucarelli & Castaldi LLP is a personal injury law firm that handles serious accident cases in New York and New Jersey. The Firm was originally founded in 1992 and maintains offices conveniently located in New York City, Staten Island and New Jersey. New York State Senator Andrew Lanza is counsel to the Firm.

The Firm is currently engaged in the prosecution of several high profile accident litigation matters and has distinguished itself as one of the area’s premier personal injury law firms.

At Lucarelli & Castaldi LLP each partner has acquired extensive experience handling all types of personal injury litigation cases and has earned a distinguished and proven track record in the area of accident litigation.

The foundation of our success is based on a commitment that each client’s case will be handled exclusively, from inception to resolution by a partner of the Firm. This approach affords each client individualized and personal representation, and ensures the best possible result in each case we prosecute.

Our aggressive and dedicated approach to each case has ranked the Firm as an elite injury litigation law firm that will not hesitate to proceed to trial in any case. This proven and effective approach on each case has distinguished the Firm as a premier personal injury litigation law firm.

The Firm’s reputation in New York and New Jersey extends to lawyers who often hire the Firm to handle litigation trials on behalf of their clients.

At Lucarelli & Castaldi LLP we employ the most effective and advanced tools available in the presentation of evidence at trial. Our team of professionals includes investigators, engineers, economists, accident reconstruction specialists and others who will apply their expertise in court to maximize each client’s result.

Our staff takes pride in being courteous, polite and attentive to each of our clients. In addition to our commitment to securing the best possible outcome on each case we handle, each client is treated with dignity, respect and assured that their case is just as important as the biggest case in the Firm.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce our services to you.