Automotive Accidents

Automobile accident cases are probably the most litigated types of personal injury cases in the courts.  Consequently, lawyers often litigate an automobile accident case as if it were the same as every other automobile accident case in their office; falling into the trap of not seeing the distinctions of a particular case.   At Lucarelli & Castaldi, LLP every automobile accident case we accept is handled by a partner in the Firm.  Every automobile accident case that we accept receives the time and resources necessary to distinguish and litigate the nuances of that particular case.  We work closely with automobile accident reconstruction specialists when necessary, along with many other experts that will evaluate each particular case. This ensures that all avenues of possible recovery are exploited.

Most automobile accidents victims are afforded no-fault benefits. In simple terms, no-fault insurance laws require insurance companies to pay the medical bills of accident victims. To make a successful no-fault claim, however, specific procedures and time limitations must be strictly adhered too; which can easily become overwhelming when dealing with a serious injury.

Other important considerations in an automobile accident cases include supplemental uninsurance/underinsurance motorist coverage , MVAIC(highlight – click to no-fault article) disability benefits (highlight – click to no-fault article)and  property damage (highlight – click to no-fault article).

At Lucarelli & Castaldi, LLP we have a proven track record of successful litigation of thousands of complex automobile accidents cases. We know what it takes to maximize your automobile accident recovery.