Defective Product Cases

Defective product lawsuits have proven over time to be one of the consumers’ most effective tools in combating unreasonably dangerous products on the market.   However, defective product lawsuits often involve hard fought battles resulting in extensive and costly litigation.   Many times, it is not just the manufacturer of the defective product that is responsible.  For example, most defective product cases also involve claims against the distributors, retailers, suppliers and designers of the defective product.   It is easy to imagine the complexity of such a case.  The cost of an expert analysis of the product alone can prohibit many law firms form even evaluating a defective product claim.

When many people have similar claims arising from the same defective product, often times the courts will grant class action status to such claims.  Defective pharmaceutical claims are often highly publicized as class action claims.

Whether your injury arises from a class action case or not, at Lucarelli & Castaldi, LLP our attorneys possess both the expertise and the resources necessary to successfully litigate your case.   Don’t debate whether your injury was the result of a defective product or not.   Call Lucarelli & Castaldi, LLP for an analysis of your claim today.