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Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup -Finale 8/19/17 (part 2)

The final ride in the series was pretty much as expected. The points lined up as they had progressed all Summer, and the riders who performed took home the honors. The one gasp moment was Cat 1/2 Pro when both first and third place were determined by bike throws. Many thanks to everyone who worked… Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup- Finale 8/19/17 (part 1 of 2)

As the Moon and Mars came together over the Brooklyn Bridge this morning, the field also came to line up for the final leg of this year’s Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup.  Surprisingly, there were no surprises with today’s race. The fields rode as a pack and the finale came down to a sprint. Part 2… Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup 7/08/17 (part 2 of 2)

“Back to School” is a familiar term now that July Fourth has past, but category 3-4 riders at Sunday’s race were not expecting to get “schooled” so soon, let alone by a 13 year old Canadian “exchange student” here on summer break. But the rider from Mid-Week C ycling club in Toronto took the win… Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup 7/08/17 (part 1 of 2)

Mid-Summer and this morning’s race was just late enough to miss last night’s showers- the puddles did not even slow the pace. The field was packed but most riders were ready and welcomed the chance for a good stretch and the quick pace only fed the desire to get all twelve laps under their belt…. Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup 6/17/17 (part 2 of 2 )

The day started with a very quick race. Attacks came fast and furious, but with 2 laps to go- the pack would come back together.  A group of four took off at the bottom of the hill and just dangled there-varying between 7 and 10 seconds difference. The sprint came down to just meters with… Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup 6-17-17 (part 1 of 2)

This morning’s predicted rain was thankfully pushed back to the afternoon, leaving the riders a full race to enjoy Prospect Park and a very fast ride. The field took off at such a clip that many were left a bit demolished. Check back later for the finish photos and a few other fun shots from… Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi 6 days of Kissena Day 5 (part 3)

Many thanks to Tom Lucarelli & Phil Castaldi for making this track event possible- kudos to all the riders who show up each week to support local cycling in our area. Please mark your calendars for May 6th the 6th day of Kissena, see you there.

Lucarelli & Castaldi 6 Days of Kissena Day 5

Today we took a spin over to Kissena Track in Flushing for Day # 5 which is Ladies Day! All women raced for free today and it was a good turnout and a beautiful day to race. For those who love this discipline, this is a fantastic opportunity and a chance for something a bit… Read more »

Lucarelli & Castaldi 6 Days of Kissena opening weekend day 1 & 2

Many Thanks to Kenji Edmonds via Roley Poley Productions for the amazing pictures… this is a huge photo gallery from opening weekend. Also many thanks to Deluxe Cycles for sponsoring the opening weekend features.   Please feel free to share these pictures but tag the photographer Kenji Edmonds via Roley Poley Productions and also Lucarelli&Castaldi…. Read more »